Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thomas In Pain

This morning I decided to join the group preparing to track down the criminals that stole all the money from the national bank and when we catch them hang them from the nearest branch.

Our targets will be determined by the square foot, the foliage, the material used for the fence, its height, the length of the path that leads to the door.

Additionally, if their children seem to be living high off the hog, they will be given a choice to hand it over or say goodbye.

We refuse to be today’s version of yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s fools.  We acknowledge you as today’s version of yesterday’s evil force.

We refuse to bow and beg for a living.  Life’s brevity calls for action.

We decided we’d go out with a fight instead of bickering with others in alleys next to dumpsters over who gets the half-eaten burger and who the rotten tomatoes.

We decided that even if revenge is barbaric, we had to go after it, in case instead of enough money and a way to survive we’d be left with nothing but the pleasure of recalling that we tore them to bits.

We promise to exact strict and ultimate justice on anyone guilty of financial crimes that result in a single person becoming destitute.

We promise to steal all that we need and then some to redistribute among our neighbors and families.

We fear no one and consider no system more legitimate than any other.

We would remind our enemies that Versailles was a gated-community par excellence, and still the bloodsuckers lost their heads.

We understand history as a series of actions and reactions.  History bypasses the passive and lives with the active.

We only have two cheeks, and we've turned both.

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