Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Art of the Possible

In 2080, Crazy Horse is finally resurrected.
First thing, he transcends thousands of years
Of red mothers while running a populist campaign
To get himself elected.  Custer’s great
Great great grandson gets drafted
To be his Secretary of State. 
President Horse’s first official act is to sit
And close his eyes.  His second act
Is a song for schools, peace, prosperity,
And many moons.  It’s very refreshing,
Hearing an alternative on the throne, 
Especially someone so long dead. 
In the future that follows everyone in the world
Forgives us and agrees to let us die off
Slowly, while we’re ordering teepee
Satellite service and getting down
To smelling the coffee in life. 
Custer wants a cut of Cuba.
He goes around combing his hair in public.

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