Monday, February 7, 2011


Flunkies, My Great-Great-Greats

I suggest that we search every byte of bits
Of cyberspace, all the corners of the quaint
Old libraries, go coast to coast, town to town,
Neighborhood by neighborhood, house
By house, think of a world-wide effort from sea
To sea until all references to “climate change,”
All studies that prove it to be a real phenomenon,
All the lectures and podcast disseminations,
All mention of the very idea and its causes
Have been expunged from the body
Of humanity’s knowledge as far as humanly possible
Because we will never reach the goal of 90%
Reductions in GHG’s before it’s too late.
Seems to me a perfect situation for lying: we
Didn’t know, just had no idea, still don’t know
What’s making life so damn difficult to live
When they ask how the hell it got so hot.

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