Sunday, February 6, 2011

Arab Uprising Inspired: random aphorisms, poetorials

Bible: the history of identifying the unwanted

I have conflicting priorities: living and dying. It's driving me nuts.

Mubarak wants to die on Egyptian soil: sure, just stick your head in that loop.

I and O are similar: Obama wants the Egyptians to give up. He wants to get back to the Final Solution he has planned for the Palestinians. I want the Egyptians to give up, I want to get back to my Final Solution: poetry.
Another similarity between O and I: I was born the son of a white man and became black. He was born the son of a black man and became white. He married a black woman who became white. I married a white woman from white-Africa. Damn, I could go on and on and on and on.
He has daughters who will go on to conquer the world. I have a son who will be among the conquered. He never sees any hard cash; neither do I. He wrote a book telling everyone how fantastically advanced he was, a genius of rationalization, a big heart (still beating on the altar of the Rev Wright) with a messiah complex: me too! He can shoot hoops: me too!

US: Our treaty is with the people of Egypt, the ones we've been fucking with for 30 years, so I'm not sure what all the anxiety's about.

If you insisted, because you pay for their golden health care, bloated salaries, expense accounts, cheap whores, whiskey and junkets to the Caribbean, that every member of both houses repeat the sixth grade you can be sure we'd have a handful of congressfolk left. The rest would flunk out. And they're very upset with the state of education in America. They propose: no more learning. Learning sucks!

Mubarek gameplan: when the protesters go to the bathroom, move in.

Mubarek 30 years ago: I will serve one year. As soon as everything's organized I'll step down. (Is it his fault that no one got anything organized?)

One thing I've learned: having Shakespeare in your history guarantees nothing.

SuperBowl #?: Steelers (workingclass) vs Packers (workingclass) for the unemployed and the Upperclass.

I'm thinking: how can I game all these people.

NYTimes: Obama Backs Torturer-Led Transition

I wonder if Europeans believe they have more intelligent and sensible politicians than you find in America. They probably do. That would be stupid.

London: Multiculturalism attacked by Cameron the lightweight. "We tried it. We're just too racist for it to work. Plus, we can't bomb brown people in other countries if some of their cousins are so-called English. The whole project turned out to be a disaster. You try to be nice and look where it gets you."

Boeing's Deep Packet Tracking programs help Mubarek find dissidents: Didn't IBM help the Nazis find the Jews?

West Backs Gradual Egyptian Transition--NYT--That way we win you lose. Gradual means: until you simmer down. Transition means: No murderers, no torturers just really insanely filthy rich people beholden to us. I get goosebumps when I think of democracy.

“Huge Breakthroughs In The War On Baldness”

Jesus. Now we are at war with baldness. Are we ever not at war? Is there anything we are not at war with?

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