Thursday, February 10, 2011

Every 50 years or so. . .

No one who understands America can refuse to acknowledge the general good-will of its citizens.  Americans are insanely nice.  In fact, but for crossing a few robbers’ paths, I don’t recall meeting an American who wasn’t of the welcoming sort.  If your car breaks down, they’ll take you home, feed you, arrange for someone to fix your vehicle while you wait, let you stay the night and see you off in the morning as if you were cousins from the other side of the continent.  It’s such a Mediterranean trait.  Xenia, as the Greeks called it, a hospitality borne of America’s immigrant history and religious temperament.  That being said, it doesn’t take much to wear out your welcome, become an enemy and have the wrath of the righteous descend upon you.  Given the lies, twisted inventions, obfuscations, omissions and false assertions that come out of the mouths of our politicians, you’d think America would have suffered a violent revolution long ago.  But you’d be wrong: Americans are too nice for that.

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