Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Common

Every time Mike and Dave get together they do the same thing.  They drink beer, talk and go home.  At their homes they watch the baseball channel and the fishing channel, respectively.  Each spends thirty hours a week watching his channel.  When they get together on Sunday afternoons at the bar to watch NASCAR and drink and chat,they both talk over the broadcasters about fishing and baseballing. When Mike talks about fishing it sounds like everyone in the story is coming up to the plate, bottom of the ninth, two outs, and someone’s behind by a run. When Dave talks about baseball he talks of the players finding that zone that relaxes them nearly to the point of sleep, and yet allows them to move at “the crack of the bat,” the same zone a fisherman finds to commune with his fish, one animal to another. Even the guys whipping around the track, Mike and Dave would agree, had they ever thought of such a thing, do so in a fishingrod kind of way, as if one hand were stuffed in a catcher’s mitt.


  1. Au fond d’un bar

    La laideur me dérange car elle est emplie d’une beauté que je ne sais percevoir, elle n’est pas pure apparence, elle est une insatisfaction latente à laquelle je succombe bien trop facilement, elle assume les aspects complexes du vrai plaisir, en toute confiance et rapidement elle maintient l’être.
    Si elle ne choque pas, elle n’est que représentation maniériste.
    Si au contraire elle me bouleverse elle n’est alors que perfection cachée sous des fautes et des manquements.

  2. Google translation

    Basically a bar

    Ugliness bother me because it is full of beauty that I can perceive, it is not mere appearance, it is a latent dissatisfaction which I succumb too easily, it takes the complexities of real pleasure, in any it maintains confidence and quickly be.
    If it does not shock, it is only mannerist representation.
    If instead it upsets me when it is perfectly hidden by the faults and failings.