Saturday, September 23, 2017

Suffering’s Fundamental

All the great religions, and the not so great
Put suffering center stage of what and why.
Look around: our children die, we wither
In pain, the animals remain as far away
As possible, hunted, trapped, studied,
Discarded—There’s so much to cry for,

To answer for. Perhaps, it's only dress-up,
Our grubby fingers in Mom’s makeup
Smearing eyes and lips with comical masks
Of immortality, twisting ankles in God’s shoes
The size of boats on wavy seas, the moon
And sun so there’s something to tell by.

All religions see life as one long suffering
We ought to be grateful for, that we should
Praise in song, that we should finally realize 
Not even a million lives can reach the stars!
Suffering, unmoored except to that, we pray
As hope, when all we have to do is grow up
And love the light, while our mothers relax,
Brewing coffee for our imminent return.

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