Monday, September 11, 2017

Bottom Rung

On the one hand, it’s obvious that a clash is imminent.
On the other it appears that the sky is too crowded as it is.
On another, it’s clear what lurks in the shadows, what
Needs to happen. There’s always a good reason to spring
Into action; indeed, at this juncture, it’s vital that we get
Underway. It’s colossally important that we meet it head on.
When it drains off, after the deluge, we won’t find any trace
In our memories, only the debris we vowed to collate
And move elsewhere if to make an honest buck isn’t pointless,
Isn’t timeless like a road that wouldn’t exist without its
Escape route. No one looks down while climbing, they look
Into the blue yonder, into the yonderous up up up
The ladder of civilization, diaspora of continents,
Looking up to see their “betters” scaling the heights—
Great art gets made by those who hold the ladder
For the rest to ascend; it sees by standing under,
Standing at the bottom of it all. Still, a clash, obviously,
On the one hand imminent, on the other not in stone.

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