Saturday, September 9, 2017

Decent People In Good Faith

Decent people in good faith
Sometimes engage in violence,
If it’s genuine, pure, if it helps
To fix a screwed up world.

Decent people in good faith
Get lied to, and then lie to us
So we don’t have to feel guilty,
Disappointed, but decent and good

No matter what. It’s a religion.
In school I heard the shot
Heard round the world, then fought
To make my mission a reflection

Of us, decent and good. Once
Upon a time these lands lacked
Liberation from idleness, only fauna
And flora, and Indians missing

Their chances, unaware of the gold
Beneath their camps, inside their pelt
And meat hunts.  Decent people
In good faith said, “There’s no

Stopping progress!” Epic bloodshed
Ensued, as if an ancient poem
Were taking place. In the aftermath,
Decent people in good faith

Tallied the dead, and decided
The price paid was worth it, and now
Going forward, let us all try hard
To relieve the suffering of the victims.

Decent people in good faith feel
The need to help the frail, those
Whose grasp of reality is in question,
Who might become decent too,

If they would only listen to us
And agree that our version is decent
And human, and whatever we do
We always do it in good faith.

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