Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rationale’s Pal

When the Greater Good showed up,
we were just standing around 
tapping our feet 
thinking about 
what to do next. 

After a while, 
the Greater Good 
got impatient, 
demanded action, 
and did so 
in such inelegant
ways spittle 
rained on our faces.

Some of us 
resisted, afraid 
of the coming bloodshed.
We wanted to use 
our heads 
and hearts, 
our tapping feet.

But others began 
to sharpen 
their blades. 
The Greater Good 
knows all 
about heads 
and blades.  

Some say 
the Greater Good 
is nothing 
but your average 

I doubt it, since 
it loves its own reflection 
and never shrivels 
in the light.

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