Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bedtime for Diogenes

Sleep sleep you cute little marauding undisturbed sleeper
Sleep like a pampered prince my parasitic paranoid
My dimwitted bombdropping cloak and dagger Frankenstien
My diabolical human piece of heartless earthbound scum

My violent unredeemable piece of misery-dishing fleshfat
Like a cute little prince little runway-swishing coke-snorting
Yacht-sailing meat-packing slave-driving hightalking fool
Sleep my sleepy cute little rapacious dollhouse schmuck

My cataclysmic gene abomination my evolutionary teardrop
My rotten mismanaged illeducated foul-aimed dunce
Sleep my poor little misunderstood pillager my murderer my holy
Little unashamed prince in bed with innocents sleep sleep my baby

So we can starve them in the morning and bomb them later
So we can poison their water and mama's milk to kill them slowly
Make sure they die a painful nightmare so sleep little prince my
Little self-righteous auto-icon sap-souled sweetie of the world

Try to get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow

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