Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blanketed Potato

Sometimes watching a movie
I'll get by a commercial’s gauzy
Drama, with a daughter in tears
Reconnecting with her long lost
Father, who was captured or dis-
Oriented, or developed amnesia
And couldn’t find his way back
To his loved ones, his world,
The one he knows like the green
Eyes of his daughter, now happier
Than ever, as if in the presence of God.
Incomprehensibly, as if there were
No 49 dollar a month telephone
Package to peddle, no deal to make,
No fineprint, impossible terms,
I’ll start weeping, bawling like
A little boy who lost his truck
And then harder and harder
In shame at falling for their trick,
Cooked through eye, ear, my heart 
As I sit there, a blanketed potato.

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