Thursday, March 10, 2011


I think Lazarus should have stayed dead.
Mary Magdalene should have thrown the rocks.
Judas wasn’t a scoundrel, I mean, his buddy
Knew he would do it, could have stopped him
Had he wanted to, hell, he would have done
The same thing if the roles were reversed. 
I think squeezing through a needle’s eye
If you are not a piece of thread is masochistic. 
But being a rich man’s good, almost everyone
Wants that.  Bread makes you fat and warm. 
Fish though generally a healthy-diety type grub
Carry a lot of mercury in their flesh.  I think being
Crucified, whatever method, would answer a lot. 
What do you think?  I guess it depends how 
There you are.  I see myself snapping the whip,
Keeping all the losers where they belong.
Truthfully, though, I feel this whatever.
What about you?  I’ll be remembered by my son’s
Son, and he’ll be remembered by his, and, well,
Could anyone ask for more?  Not this ingrate.
Imagine like if Herr Hitler had had a bigger heart.

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