Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Village

Today, so far, resembles yesterday.   
A few exceptions: the clouds 
Move a little faster, there's a rabbit 
In the yard gnawing the bark 
From the willow I felled
Last year but failed to gather, 
The fire's taking longer to catch, 
And I have a pain in my neck.  
Also, it's today, and practically speaking 
It's right now. I wish it were yesterday 
Again, just to keep tomorrow back.  
The last thing I need is tomorrow 
To get here.  Tomorrow means 
Yesterday is with the rest, and today too, 
Which I didn't want to lose.  I don't 
Like to lose things, especially 
My days. I remember yesterday saying 
"Today is the day." But now it’s that day 
And I should have done it yesterday.
I should never wait to do yesterday
Tomorrow because tomorrow has 
Its own things that need doing.  I don't know 
What they are because it's still today, 
Which looks exactly—notwithstanding 
Minor differences—like yesterday,
Which looks exactly like tomorrow
Before tomorrow proves me right.

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