Friday, April 12, 2019

Bad News

The boss has nothing but total respect for you
She says so with a smile even a hand on your shoulder
She has never not cherished your commitment
Your infectious energy offered as devotion to her
Really let’s be honest not the corporation itself
The good boss who talks with you and understands
When you’re having a day or someone you love
Is in a particular way that simply interferes so
Long as it’s not long-term or utterly sapping
Since and you know this without any ambiguity
Our firm is not a charity nor a slave-driving enterprise
But like any normal concern in the business of business
We seek solely to make a profit while giving
Generously to the many groups dedicated to the less
Lucky we certainly cannot abide employees who fail
In separating the personal from the professional
Which HR views as a form of extreme selfishness
As many others depend on that one employee
To fit perfectly into the machinery of commerce
Or like any system with gears and sprockets
One dubious part slows the whole operation
And puts a burden on the others not to mention
On the boss who only wants to keep smiling
With her hand on your shoulder when you tell her
How it happened that you’ll miss the deadline
Even though you’re deeply sorry to bear the bad
News at the most inopportune time but sadly
And sorry to say your kid got run over
And you’re likely to need at least a day or two

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