Monday, October 22, 2018

Natural Politics

I have no agonies about gay marriage
or equal pay for equal work
or tax revenues or laws
going this way and that way
zigzagging with the times
I don't cry over police brutality
or surveillance machinery
looking into my deepest being
where reside millions
of cute cats acting like cats
to lift me up, a standing
ovation of the doomed
I don't obsess about corporate
scandals or violence how
much it costs to build
a new plane new tank new super-
sonic death-arrow since tens
of thousands of subsonics
await deployment
and I don't care at all
what politicians have to say
since they say what pays
and know less about my life
than the barber or waitress 
who always smiles 
when she pours the coffee
their only advantage, 
a pristine cowardice
I don't really care for things
like that since I lost 
the point unless 
this confronting that
in a ring where the fix is in
makes you feel alive
makes you feel
like you’re winning something
just by losing, victory
in the loss of it all
I don’t want any of that
since I can do nothing
but what I can do to me
prefering to sit it out 
quietly out back 
amid the hazelnut
and fruit trees
and wait wait wait
for the family of deer 
to arrive they come 
four, five at a time
to nose in the surplus
sweet desserts lazily 
pawing in the deep grass
beneath an old tree they know 
there’s no hunt in me

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