Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Carpe Diem

Okay history,
You can shovel it.
We’ve had it with you.
Enough fortune
cookies for one life.
If anything you
ever said made sense
we wouldn’t be

trying to save our asses
on the only planet 
there is, whose fate was sealed

by millions, billions,

trillions of carpe diems, 
all those dominion 
fantasies. I’m sick

of that schtick. Kills me
with loathing.

I feel as if I'm about to puke up my mother.

about to shit out my dad.

Piss grandpa away and chuck 
grandma in a ditch.
Makes me want to hasten the general demise.

Ridding the world of such
should be the only carpe diem;
what’s more carpe
than the diem
of unending holocausts?

Given charge of the realm,

you dropped the ball,

all the time

singing your own glory 
in landing the gig, how you
did the best you could.

I blame your dad, God!

Irresponsible dolt,

Handing the child the keys!

Let him try to imagine 
being stuck on this firma,


in a monkey suit!

Cruel God!

We’ll get you back for this!

We’ll carpe diem this 
place until it’s too, you know,
to live on. Two
can play that game.

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