Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Guy And The Other

One guy is cute and the other is ugly
the first misunderstood, the second raped her

One guy is tall and the other a dwarf
ill will toward  the former boils to the top

One guy has a big house, the other small
the small one owes the big one a fortune

One guy runs like the wind, the other
pokes along with his problems

One guy plays all day, the other works,
the worker with so much work to do,
ever always work to do, plays 
too much with so much work to do

One guy wears a suit the other wouldn’t
one guy’s a king, the other ain't

One guy rakes his yard, bags leaves
the other keeps an eye out for strangers

One has several kids who love him dearly
the other farms it out, loves them dearly

One has the type of nose everyone adores
the other can’t breathe through his

One has a foot, a marble foot or bronze
the other limps on all fours

One guy flashes his diamond ring
the other tallies red in the sun

One guy flies non-stop, the other sits
watching his better descend

One guy buys the unbuyable
takes possession of the unbuyable
and the other notices
where and when
how and why
his own on sale
his unbuyable to be bought
his unbuyable trade of priceless wares

One guy speaks like a fountain
the other a broken pipe, 
tongue-lashed heart 
and mind paint the deed,
rust beneath a coat
of calm

Beauty drives on to higher ground
while ugly dons a short skirt

Beauty burns ugly like fuel,
cleans it up
cooks dinner
makes a bed in heaven
in the head of heaven

One guy’s beautiful
One isn’t
One sees it
One doesn’t
One did it, one guy did it
One guy’s done it
all along

and the other looks wrong
out of his mind to think

one is beautiful and the other
explains everything

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