Thursday, March 23, 2017


If you could sit awhile and imagine
What it is they’re trying to accomplish,
Hear them out, listen with an open mind
And heart, if you would simply entertain
The idea that they might want something
Or might have something they want
To give to the world, something beautiful
Only they can offer, if you could just
Accept that they too have children,
And families who want to remember
When life was good, quiet, modest, livable,
When you didn’t have to look over your shoulder,
Didn’t have to take the long way,
Didn’t have to walk like a killer-in-waiting,
If you could do that together, then, yes,
Maybe no one will decide to bomb
London, Damascus, Boston or Lebanon.
Those suffering death and destruction
From Tomahawks and IEDs, Reapers
And Operation Suicide Bomber, those who
Suffer the words that serve their passions
Should sit together, eat, drink, tell each
How his Lord looks after the poor, how
He preaches brotherhood and sisterhood
Wherever he lands with a voice straight
From earth. Fire up the grill, crack one,
Remember scripture threatens damnation
For merciless judges who claim to see
With the eyes of God. Sit together, or die
In the dusty street, bleeding, screaming,
Crying not to know the whys, the hows
Of ending up in such a precarious place,
Trembling, stuck in the bloodshot center
Of the bullseye, flights flying the flags
Of doing it the same way differently.
You'd have to sit awhile and imagine it
As it is and not as you thought it was,
Good versus evil versus evil versus good
Where winning means everyone loses.
You'd have to sit with an open mind
And an open heart, ready to eat, to talk
Past winning and losing; us is them
Should be the prayer before that meal.

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