Tuesday, February 28, 2017

After Mark Slavin's Watercolor, “Two Windows”

In the one facing me the sun bleeds
Weapon-like, stabbing with its petals
Lit up by evening into the room
Like a hand covering the western sky,

And in the other pane, winter
Behind a dusky watery splash, snow
On the ground between misty trees.
You might be wearing a helmet,

And going left, away from the fire's
The best option, if you want to see home
Again, your people, your animals,
The trees in your yard, if you want to hope

Again that everything turns out best, to sit
Where two windows make the corner
A place to be, late afternoon,
With the sun coming up in one,

Going down in flames in the other,
That place at the back or side of the house
Where the dreams that life counts upon
Have half a chance to find you.

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